Common vaginal conditions during reproductive age include discharge and infections. While simple clear and watery discharge is normal, it may change to a mucous and stretchy discharge in the mid-cycle period.

A thick, white cheesy discharge is usually indicative of a fungal infection called as candida or yeast. This requires treatment, sometimes of both partners to prevent recurrence. Similarly, a yellow or green coloured discharge with unpleasant odour is commonly seen in an infection called trichomoniasis and requires treatment.

A brown or red discharge is commonly seen just before or after the menses. If it occurs at other times, it is best to seek medical attention. Rarely, it may be seen around the time of ovulation but occasionally, it may be a sign of pathology like cervical growths/ cancer, etc. It may be best to visit your doctor who will perform the necessary examinations and tests to rule out the causes of such a discharge.

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