Respectful maternity care

This is a concept which has evolved over time and is defined by WHO as caring, empathy, support, trust, confidence and empowerment, as well as gentle, respectful, and effective communication to enable informed decision making. At Rradha Maternity Nursing Home we do our best to ensure that we embrace modern principles and make the best possible treatment available to you during pregnancy and childbirth.

Our doctors are available 24x7 and our friendly, supportive nursing staff are always available to attend to your needs. Over the past twenty years, patients have expressed deep gratitude and satisfaction for the healthcare professionals at our institution. Here are a few examples of patient testimonials:

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Safe motherhood

Every baby brings untold joy and is a matter for celebration to the proud parents, relatives and families that trust us and visit us throughout pregnancy. Safe childbirth and motherhood is a birth right of every woman and we are here to make the experience as painless and happy for you as possible.

The WHO lists seven rights of a pregnant woman, all of which we deeply respect and try to observe:

  • Freedom from harm and ill-treatment
  • Right to information, informed consent, respect for choices and preferences
  • Confidentiality and privacy
  • Dignity and respect
  • Equality, freedom from discrimination
  • Right to timely healthcare to the highest level attainable
  • Liberty, autonomy, self-determination, freedom from coercion

We have a fully equipped delivery suite and an operation theatre with all possible equipment necessary to tackle emergencies and unforeseen complications. Your doctor will advise you regarding the best course of labour and delivery when you are close to your due date. Please feel free to ask your doubts and have your queries resolved so that you are well prepared for the process of labour and childbirth. It is our endeavour to ensure that you have a satisfying and pleasant experience.