The age at which a woman's ovarian function declines and the menses cease is called the menopause. It is an important period during a woman's life because it brings a whole raft of changes impacting the emotional and physical well being of a woman.

The most common changes encountered are hot flushes, irregular periods, emotional ups and downs, insomnia, mood changes, weight gain and thinning hair. Owing to changes in hormonal levels and slowing metabolism, many of these changes are apparent over a period of time. It is also a time when women become less active and bones become weak, making them more prone for falls and fractures.

In general, it is recommended to continue being active, having a balanced diet, ensuring calcium intake and exercising to protect your bones. If you are concerned that these menopausal changes are happening in your life, please speak to your doctor and he will prescribe appropriate medication for your condition. There are several hormonal and non-hormonal therapies available which will help your specific problems and a consultation with your doctor would be the first step in choosing the appropriate medication for your needs.

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