Despite almost 51 years of the incorporation of the MTP act in India and the vindication of women's right to abort, abortion still remains a hotly debated and taboo issue in India. The half-a-decade old law is probably the most liberal in the world but is still not free from fallacies. Sadly, it has only turned out to serve a cold shoulder when women are facing killing issues. As per the Abortion Assessment Project (one of the most extensive Indian studies on abortion that lasted from 2000 to 2004), of the total abortions that took place in India, 56% were unsafe! Statistically, of the 6.4 million annual abortions, 3.6 million were unsafe. The mortality from these unsafe abortions contributed to up to 13% of maternal deaths in the country!

As disheartening as this may sound, there are clauses in the act which has helped women destigmatize abortion to some extent. If you are yet not aware of how the country supports women's right to seek an abortion, you must know the following conditions which must be met.

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